New Case of the Week Now Posted

Angry bowel loops

Here are several loops of small intestine, including the one that contains the FB. You can see what normal vs. angry looks like.

Our newest Case of the Week involves a pet that belongs to one of our own (unnamed) employees. It’s about her 3 year old dachshund-chihuahua cross that ate the foot off of his toy pig and had to have surgery to have it removed. The moral of the story is that even though your pet routinely chews on ______  (fill in the blank – rags, underwear, socks, carpet, yarn, old shoes, etc.) and never tears them up or swallows them, you still should not provide any toys or chewables that aren’t 100% pet-friendly.  And even though the toy pig in question was made for pets, it’s just not as heavy duty as a Kong or other brand of indestructible toys. In general, if it can be ripped apart, many dogs will find a way to do it. And if they do, we quite often have to do surgery to remove pieces of the destroyed toy.

Click here to see the whole story and more great pictures from surgery.