Introducing Surgery Without Anesthesia!

The CryoProbe X - Surgery without Anesthesia

In our quest to bring the newest and best innovations in veterinary medicine to our practice and our patients, we’ve recently obtained the revolutionary HO CryoProbe™ cryosurgery unit.

Introducing Surgery Without Anesthesia!

Cryosurgery is the practice of using cold applications to freeze and kill tissues, thus allowing the body remove them and heal naturally on its own. It can be used to successfully treat:

  • Small eyelid masses, whether cystic or solid core
  • Small to large masses on the gums, called epuli
  • Papillomas, which are essentially warts that can be found anywhere on the body. They range in size from 2 to 10 mm, and often bleed
  • Lick granulomas, which are large callouses usually found on the legs
  • Skin tags of all sizes
  • Sebaceous gland masses, both cystic and solid core
  • Perianal adenomas, which are small benign masses found around the anus
  • Other skin tumors, from 1mm up to about 2 cm.

The CryoProbe Is Safe for Even the Oldest and Sickest Patients

The CryoProbe X - Surgery without AnesthesiaThe HO CryoProbe™ uses gaseous nitrous oxide, which freezes tissues to -127°F, thus killing the tumor cells with pinpoint accuracy, which the body then removes naturally. The advantages of cryosurgery over traditional surgery include:

  • No general anesthesia is necessary
  • In most cases, not even a local skin block is necessary
  • The average procedure takes less than one to two minutes
  • There is minimal to no bleeding, and almost no discomfort for the pet
  • There are no sutures to be removed, and thus the pet doesn’t need to wear an E-collar
  • It’s a completely out-patient procedure; the pet doesn’t have to stay in the hospital at all
  • Because there is no anesthesia, it can be used on very old or debilitated pets that would otherwise not be surgical candidates
  • The cost is much less than a full-blown surgery with anesthesia, monitoring, etc.
  • In most cases, the tissue can still be biopsied for pathologic review, if deemed necessary.

So, if you or someone you know has a pet with one or more skin masses that you’d like to have removed, but you’ve been putting it off due to cost or fear of anesthesia, now there’s a great alternative. The CryoProbe™ offers us a great opportunity to help so many more pets than we ever could before. If you think your pet might be a candidate for this procedure be sure and call the office for an appointment.

Here are some videos from the company that show how easy the HO CryoProbe™ is to use: