“Thanks to Acupet Veterinary Care, the old man rescue from Pasco County Animal Services is 80% healed already! I am thankful for the aggressive treatment and your kindness to Tiny! He looks so much better in one day!

—  Liz Beth Cook


“Very impressed with your office from the front desk to the doctor. I will bring all my pets. I walked in yesterday morning and was immediately worked in with my new puppy, Scooby.  Thanks for being so kind. Great office, and they make you feel like you belong there. And I’m kinda picky.”

—  Judy Sheldon Wishinsky


“You guys are amazing. The best vet I’ve ever been to! You helped me with my baby Gringo so much, and I want to thank you for your kindness and concern for him. You were trustworthy and honest; I appreciate that so much. So thank you, thank you! Your staff is fantastic!”   🙂

—  Emma Stosur


“I have brought two of my dogs here for the last few times they have been ill.  Dr. Tony is wonderful – with my pets and myself alike. He is very caring and thorough. I also like how he explains what he is doing during his exams, and why. The office staff is next-level, as well. Everyone is very friendly, and it definitely puts my dogs at ease in new territory. The cost is also mentionable. Everything is at a cost that isn’t going to bankrupt you, which is perfect for an youngster like me. Two paws way up from Thor and Pixie, and five stars from me.”    🙂

—  Kandi Young


“Dr. Tony is THE BEST veterinarian that Stitch, my Frenchie, has ever had. He just had surgery today and is recouping beautifully. I’ve had many a vet in my time, and I appreciate that he does his job because he’s compassionate about animals and doesn’t try to up-sell you on anything that isn’t necessary. (I’ve had many vets do that.) He gives you advice that he would use for his own dog. Stitch does not like getting his nails clipped, and the girls know just how to handle him. Above and beyond!”

—  Shilene E., via Yelp!


“I thought my GSD (German Shepherd Dog) was simply approaching the end of her life, but Dr. Tony gave me hope that maybe she just isn’t feeling well. They got me right in today, and the fees are very competitive. Thank’s, Jeniva’s mom.”

—  Christine Brown


“My dog, Pepper, had a problem while visiting my sister in Hudson. A neighbor recommended Acupet to me. I can not say enough about the excellent care we received. Dr. Tony even recommended a new dog food, which he does not sell, to help with the problem. I am so confident in him, that should Pepper ever require surgery, I will fly back to Florida to have him perform it. 

On top of him being great, all of the personnel in the office were so well informed. It was like talking to a doctor!”

— Betty Jo M.
Pacifica, CA, via Yelp!


“I had been taking my dog, Tara, to see Dr. Musgrave since 2006. When he passed (in 2012) and Dr. Tony took over, I was hesitant to stay at first. Dr. Tony is an amazing vet and does great work; he has performed a few surgeries on Tara. He doesn’t always have the greatest bedside manner, but that’s to be expected with a great doctor, and because of this, I stayed. 

Awesome, friendly staff. My dog has always needed a “party hat” (muzzle) for visits. But Diane has such a way with animals that she doesn’t need one with her! I always recommend family and friends to bring their pets here for the best quality service for their fur babies!”

— Teresa Howey


“Dear Jessika and everyone at Acupet Veterinary Care, 

On behalf of The Volunteer Way and Kids Against Hunger, I would like to thank you and Acupet for the generous donation of 400 pounds (now 1320 lbs total) of pet food on January 5, 2016. Because of your compassion and concern for the homeless and low income families and seniors in our community, they have a chance in their fight against hunger. 

A great part of the credit for the day to day good that The Volunteer Way accomplishes goes to you. I am truly grateful to you and pray that the hope and happiness you help bring to others will be returned to you.  Thank you for your continued support.”

—  Blessings, Martha O’Brien
Assistant CEO, The Volunteer Way


“Bert is doing terrific after his surgery, and we have all the confidence in the world in Dr. Tony. Our pets have been under Dr. Musgrave’s care for so long, and we missed him after his passing…. Just amazing. Dr. Tony has continued to do wonderful and outstanding work on our pets. The care and compassion of the staff is awesome. Thanks Lisa, the groomers are so caring. And thank you Diane, always giving 120%.”

—  Susan Gutowski


“Dear Acupet Veterinary Care, 

Thank you for your generous contribution to Big Cat Rescue. On behalf of all the cats, we appreciate your support!”

Big Cat Rescue—  Sincerely, the Volunteers of BCR


“Dear Acupet Veterinary Care, 

This letter is to acknowledge and thank you for your generous donation to Big Cat Rescue on 11/23/15 of $320. Your contribution has helped us provide a better home for these magnificent and deserving animals. On behalf of the cats, thank you very, very much!”

—  Jamie Veronica,
President, Big Cat Rescue


“Dr. Tony, Diane, Jessica and the rest of the staff are Awesome People and very caring! Thank you all! Sometimes in the rush of life we forget to let the people in our lives know they are appreciated for what they do. Thank you all for everything!”

—  Linda Sue Cooper Craft


“You guys are amazing. The best vet I’ve ever been to! You helped me with my baby Gringo so much, and I want to thank you for your kindness and concern for him. You were very trusting and honest, I appreciate that so much. So thank you, thank you! Your staff is fantastic!”

—  Emma Stosur, via Facebook


“Dear Dr. Tony and staff,

“Thank you very much for your excellent care of my furry kids! You guys are truly the best!!! Thank you again.” 

—  Jodi Marshall


“Dear Acupet Staff, 

Gulfside Hospice and our ‘Pet Peace of Mind’ program wanted to take a moment to say ‘Thank You’ for partnering with our program in order to help keep Hospice patients and their pets together as long as possible, all the while being well taken care of! Your support is invaluable and Thank You does not express how much we appreciate your services! Our patients and their pets are happier due to your support!”

—  Gulfside Hospice


Satch Sklansky“We took our 4 year old dachshund, Satch, to Acupet after trying to get his skin cleared for over 6 months at 2 other vets. He had been on multiple antibiotics, and shampoos didn’t help at all. Worst of all his ears were a mess and none of the ointments they gave us could clear them up. Dr. Tony looked at him and diagnosed a yeast infection, and within 3 months his skin was completely cleared and his ear infections were gone. We wish we had found his practice earlier, but now Satch is back to normal and we’re so happy he’s better. We can’t recommend Acupet and their staff enough. They’re great.”

—  Margaret and Norm Sklansky


“The staff at Acupet is the friendliest, most helpful staff I’ve ever experienced at any medical office in any field. They’re always there to help me when I need it, and they never make me feel like I’m a burden to them, which has happened to me at some other offices. I’ll never go anywhere else.”

— Elisa Morrow


“Dr. Tony and his staff are tops. Each time I deal with them I realize how good they are. Like most long time pet owners I have been to many vets, including specialists. Buddy is our second dog with special problems that require “regular” visits to the vet. There have been months with several “emergencies” where Buddy was so ill we were not sure if he would make it. More than once we have called minutes before they were closing and they told us to get right down for them to look at him. I have been there at 8 a.m. when they open and they take my Buddy right in and check him out. These people offer the best service my pets and I have ever experienced. Not one time has the bill surprised me at this place. Our bill is always less here than at any other vet we have ever been to. Dr. Tony is an awesome vet, and his staff is amazing.”

—  Joseph E., via Yelp!


“Dear Dr. Tony and staff,

“Thank you for all you have done for my guys! We have certainly run the gamut of feline health issues over the past several years, and it was difficult finding a vet that would take the time to actually get involved and work to find the right, individual solution for each of my cats. From day one I realized that everyone at Acupet Vet truly cares about their patients, and will do whatever it takes to help an animal in need. From my pride of 5, to helping me with the feral mom and kittens that took up residence in my backyard, you guys have been nothing short of AWESOME! Even though I am moving to St. Petersburg, Acupet Vet and Dr. Tony will continue to be my family vet, and I recommend your practice to anyone/everyone I encounter who needs a quality, caring veterinarian! Thank you again for everything.”

—  Bob Kiernan


“Dr. Tony and Staff…

“Thank you for being the most caring, compassionate doctor and staff ever. You did surgery and removed the mass. Also for taking care of me and not giving up on me. I’m a happy 13 year old Labrador again and can’t thank you enough. My Mom and Dad thank you, too.”

—  Love, Dixie Connors


Your dedication to animals is amazing! Once again you have provided a new life for one of my animals! You’re The Best!  Because of you Spunky will now have a chance to live a long, safe life with us.”

—  Theresa Poligo and Family


Babychops resting post-op

“I want to Thank Dr Anthony Remillard and his amazing staff at Acupet Veterinary Care for saving my Babychops’ life! They rearranged their schedule and took him in immediately for emergency surgery. Had Babychops not gone in for surgery when he did, he would not be here with me today. BC is home now and doing great! Thank you so very much!!!”

—  Cheyenne Hardesty


“Absolutely amazing vet!!! Staff are ultra accommodating and friendly. Very compassionate. Dr. Tony has a very good bed side manner and knows his stuff!”

—  Shelby Pociask


“Dear Dr. Tony,

Picture of Bones Patrick
In memory of Bones.

“Please accept our deepest and sincerest gratitude for coming to our home and giving our boy Bones the dignity and compassion in his passing that a champion deserves.

“Our past experience with another vet left me very uneasy and filled with sorrow to this day as she seemed in a huge hurry to put our girl down. Bones’ passing was so peaceful and gentle. I actually feel a great sense of relief and comfort in his transition to the hereafter. Thank you and your staff for your kind and gentle touch.

“Forever in your debt,”

—  Vernon and Tami Patrick


“On June 27th, 2013, our family vacation ended with a phone call from the kennel. Our dog, a German Shepherd named Keiser, was in distress. The kennel suspected bloat, a condition we were completely unfamiliar with. We were referred to Acupet Veterinary Care, and Dr. Anthony (Tony) Remillard confirmed the grave diagnosis of bloat. Surgery, with no guarantee of survival, was financially difficult for our family. The only other option was euthanasia. However, the staff at Acupet worked with us to keep the price at a level we could afford. In addition, after the surgery, Dr. Tony took Keiser HOME with him and provided care throughout the night. Because of the compassion of Dr. Tony along with the care and dedication of his staff, our family went from devastating grief, to a glimmer of hope, to joyful restoration of our family with Keiser. We will forever be grateful to the Acupet team! With Sincere thanks and gratitude.”

—  The Davis Family: Jeff, Pam, Victoria and Keiser


“Dr. Tony and his staff always make me feel completely at ease. He’s gentle and devoted, honest and fair. When I put my cat in his arms I have faith in what he is doing and that everything will be okay. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who loves their pets and wants the best medicine available for them.”

—  Barbara Goldblatt


“I would also like to thank Dr. Anthony Remillard and his assistants at Acupet Veterinary Care on 52 and Little Rd. for the love and compassion they showed my dog and myself, and for the gentleness and patience they showed with me… God Bless all of you and yours…”

—  Helen E. via Facebook


“About one month ago our little dachshund, Gracie, was not able to walk or stand. Her back legs were virtually paralyzed. I took her immediately the next morning to the vet. Dr. Tony did a complete physical and neurologic exam and took X-rays, after which he diagnosed Gracie with a herniated disc in her mid-spine area. He explained the various treatment options available for Gracie, including the possibility of spinal surgery. We decided upon a series of laser treatments with the K-Laser in conjunction with medications. Over the next two weeks I took Gracie to Acupet every other day for her laser treatment. After the second treatment, I noticed a slight improvement on her right side.

“Over the next few days she was able to stand, but her left leg would not support her at all. When she tried to stand, she quickly fell with her left leg folding under her body. But, by the beginning of week two, she was walking even though she was dragging her left leg. I was so pleased with her improvement and had hopes that my little girl would be able to function, even if she was not 100%.

“She went for three additional laser treatments over the next few weeks. Well, it has been just about a month and I am so happy to report, that because of the treatment with the K-Laser, Gracie has made a remarkable recovery. She is walking just fine, she seems happy again and I am so thankful that the laser treatment was an option. I had done quite a bit of research on her condition and I was afraid we would have to subject her to spinal surgery.

“I would recommend this to anyone who is in a similar situation with their pet. I am so pleased with the remarkable results from the K-Laser treatments and the care Gracie received from Dr. Tony and all the staff at Acupet.”

—  Lynn Wilson


“The team there really is truly amazing. Danielle is an awesome groomer. She is gentle and very kind to my puppy Miss Piggy.  🙂  We love it there.”

—  Alexandrya P. via Facebook


“I’m looking forward to a very good working relationship between you and Pit Bull Happenings Rescue!! Your entire staff and Dr. Remillard were awesome! Very courteous and professional!”

—  Eric Emminger, Pit Bull Happenings Rescue


“We got your card today. So thoughtful. You are the best we have ever had to take care of Spike and Peaches. Your tender caring means so much. God bless you all.”

—  Janice Wood Hinkle


Oreo Dani, a boston terrier“Thanks for making me feel better!”

—  Oreo Dani