FHO Surgery, 6 Days Post-Op

Well, our very own Tucker is now 6 days post-op, and doing great. For the original story of his surgery, click here.

Tucker received Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgery last Wednesday, May 27th. Post operatively, he received cold laser therapy that day, and twice since. Normally, this surgery takes a long time to recover from, and typically the pet doesn’t even touch their toe to the ground for at least two weeks post-op.

Here is a video of Tucker that we shot today. He’s already close to 50% weight bearing on the leg, and is moving comfortably, and with minimal pain.

The reason for the rapid improvement in this case is probably due to two things:
1.) He’s a small breed dog, and not carrying any extra weight. Overweight dogs do much worse with any orthopedic surgery, and more so with advanced, reconstructive surgery like Tucker received; and
2.) The K-Laser cold therapy laser. Laser therapy, and in particular the high-powered K-Laser Cube 4 that we have – the most powerful laser on the market today – has changed the landscape of veterinary care when it comes to orthopedic and other injuries. What used to take 2 months to heal now takes 2 weeks, and the progress we used to hope for in 2 weeks we’re now seeing in 4-5 days.

Tucker is doing great, and we expect him to continue to improve to full recovery. We’ll post more video in the future as his condition warrants.