Medical Services

As a general services practice we see all manners of medical conditions. Easily our most common presentations are skin cases, which comprise about 50% of our medical cases. Because of our emphasis on skin conditions we continually search for new technologies and treatments in the battle against skin irritation for both dogs and cats. We offer both traditional and alternative treatments for itchy pets, and work with the client to make sure the pet is comfortable and the skin is treated successfully.

An offshoot of skin problems is ear conditions, especially in dogs. We pride ourselves on being able to clear up even the most resistant ear infections, even those that have resisted even multiple attempts at treatment.

Other conditions that are common in our practice include vomiting and diarrhea, limping and other orthopedic conditions, cardiac and respiratory cases, and general wounds and trauma. Besides having over 25 years as a general practitioner, Dr. Tony also has over 5 years experience in emergency medicine, and so can handle any condition that presents.