Lab Facilities

We have full service, in-house lab facilities utilizing the very latest in point-of-care lab technology. We use only Idexx reference-quality lab equipment. Idexx’s Lasercyte analyzer is the only in-office machine available today that uses laser technology to determine cell counts, providing the highest level of accuracy possible.

Our equipment is capable of running complete chemistry profiles, complete blood counts with cell differentials, complete urinalyses with urine ratios, thyroid and cortisol screenings, and complete coagulation profiles, all in less than 30 minutes. This means that when your pet is sick, we can have immediate, reference-lab quality results immediately, when we need them, and not the next day or later.

For more advanced laboratory services we utilize Antech Labs – the largest provider of outside lab services to the veterinary community. In most cases we can send out samples in the afternoon and have results waiting for us in the morning. And their lab results interface with our records management software to make your pet’s lab results part of their permanent electronic record.