Annual Health Visit Labwork

Enjoy a 20% discount on Annual Wellness Labs:

As part of your pet’s Annual Wellness Visit, we also offer advanced bloodwork to more thoroughly check your pet’s internal systems. And as an added bonus, this lab work will replace the normal pre-anesthesia labs we have to run should you decide to take advantage of our Annual Visit Dental Discount. That’s an additional savings of $35-$75.  This optional Annual Wellness Labs includes the following:

  • Complete Blood Count
    • Red Blood Cells – we check total numbers, size, shape, color and uniformity. All aspects of these give us additional insight into your pet’s overall condition.
    • White Blood Cells – WBC’s fight infection, as well as being active in both allergies and immune-mediated diseases. There are 5 different WBC’s in the peripheral bloodstream, and we check them all individually, not just a total WBC count, which is less informative.
    • Platelets – are responsible for making blood clot. Low platelet counts can be indicators of bacterial infections and auto-immune diseases, while extremely high platelet counts often accompany several different types of cancer.
  • Chemistry Profile
    • Five different parameters of liver function
    • Four separate parameters of kidney function
    • Two measures of pancreas condition
    • Blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides
    • All pertinent electrolytes and minerals
    • Three indirect indicators of adrenal gland function
  • Urinalysis
    • Checks for pH, concentration, urine sugar and ketones
    • Checks urine sediment for crystals and cells that might indicate infection or underlying kidney disease
    • Checks for excess protein in urine – the earliest indicator of renal disease
  • Thyroid level – checks a baseline thyroid for any indication of disease
  • Heartworm test – HW disease is very common in dogs, and we run an annual HW test on all dogs. In cats, HW is thought to be relatively rare, but actually occurs much more than we realize, even in indoor cats. Testing for HW in cats is never a bad idea.

The cost of the full-panel Annual Wellness Labs is just $119. If run during a sick visit this panel costs over $150; that’s a 20% savings from its normal price. And… it replaces the pre-anesthetic labs we run before doing a dental.  Just let your technician today know you want Annual Wellness Labs.